Initial Consultation

We look forward to meeting you! During your first visit we will help you get acquainted with our office and staff. Our goal is to give you the personal attention you deserve. This visit will include a brief evaluation and consultation to discuss potential treatment options. Dr. Perillo, the patient and parent will then decide whether orthodontic treatment will benefit the patient's needs. If treatment is recommended at that time, an appointment will be made for Diagnostic Records.

Diagnostic Records

The following procedures are necessary before an intelligent and efficient analysis of the patient's orthodontic problems can be made. These records are taken here at the office. They are included in the records fee of $325.00 with the exception of any films being used for temporomandibular joint diagnosis.


Impressions for study models of the teeth are taken at this visit. These will be used to study the problems as they exist at the beginning of this program. The models will be valuable in making a diagnosis and for later         reference during treatment.


These present a composite view of the teeth and jaws. They show if the patient has the normal number of teeth, any missing teeth, extra teeth, and wisdom teeth. The progression of permanent teeth, when baby teeth are still present, is easily followed. These x-rays should be taken at regular intervals to note the changes.


The head x-ray relates the position of teeth to the profile. Subsequest x-rays of this kind denote the changes in the profile as the teeth and jaws develop. The head tracing is a further study to assist the positioning of teeth in relation to the profile.


Frontal and lateral head photographs are a part of the overall work-up of the case. These pictures are visual aids for profile and tooth positioning. The lips should drape over the front teeth in a relaxed manner. The position of the teeth is very important to the profile. My concern is to complete the case with straight, functional teeth and a pleasant profile. The photographs are an aid in obtaining the goal.


Intra-oral photographs will be used as a visual aid to study the problems as they exist at the beginning of the program.  Subsequent pictures will be taken to record changes in tooth positioning and when necessary, oral     hygiene.


Please feel free to ask any questions at any time.  It is a pleasure to serve you and/or your child's orthodontic needs .